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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!

Why Numberwise Works

Reason 1: Easy To Use

Numberwise incorporates a "structured course". There is no fuss for teachers or parents. The student simply starts at the beginning and works methodically through the Numberwise Course and when he is finished he will have mastered basic numeracy.

Reason 2: Baby Steps

The Numberwise Course starts at rock bottom and builds very slowly, allowing even the weakest student to cope.

Reason 3: No Pressure

The student works at his own pace and improvement is compared with his own results and not that of his peers.

Reason 4: Guaranteed Results

Using a process of "teach, drill and test", Numberwise does not allow a student to progress until he has mastered the content of a lesson. This guarantees that the student will be numerically proficient by the end of the Numberwise Course.

Reason 5: Little Effort For Big Reward

It takes only 2-3 minutes per day to become Numberwise Certified!

Reason 6: Instant Marking

It's human nature that we want to know immediately whether we are right or wrong. Unlike a worksheet where the student is lucky if he gets his result the next day, Numberwise marks the questions immediately.

Reason 7: Corrections Are Meaningful.

Corrections are done straight away, making them more meaningful.

Reason 8: Learning Through Discovery

The extra work involved in doing corrections discourages the student from guessing when stuck, and instead promotes an attitude of "discovering" the correct answer.

Reason 9: Numberwise Is Challenging And Fun

Throughout the program Numberwise records the time it takes to do a set of questions. The object is to break one's own record. As with all computer games, the student's natural drive to break one's record leads to the student doing thousands of questions without feeling that he is doing maths! Compared with old fashioned rote learning, children find Numberwise fun.

Reason 10: Numberwise Is Rewarding

As the student progresses through the Numberwise Course he will see measurable improvement in both work completed and improved times, which provides a sense of achievement. Plus he is rewarded with certificates and the chance to play Pop Mania.

Reason 11: Numberwise Promotes PACES

Too often a student at high school or college will provide an incorrect answer to a question but argues that it was close enough! Numberwise promotes Precision, Accuracy, Care, Excellence and Speed.

Reason 12: A Teacher's Best Friend!

There is no setting or marking of work.

Reason 13: Confidence

Confidence! Confidence! Confidence!

The single biggest reason why Numberwise works is that the measurable success gives the student confidence and this, in turn, leads to even more success. A student who may have shied away from answering questions in class will feel confident and grow in maths.

Instead of a student slipping down into the maths graveyard, Numberwise provides him with a solid foundation for a better future in maths!

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