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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!


Anne Maw - Crawford Prep North Coast

Since using Numberwise at Crawford Prep North Coast, we have seen an amazing improvement in basic numeracy skills amongst our pupils. The pupils have loved using the program, particularly the competitive element. Thanks for such an amazing program. I really recommend that all schools give it a try.

Professor Iben Christiansen (University of KZN)

At the request of the Minister for Education in Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, Numberwise has been extensively assessed by Professor Iben Christiansen of the School of Education at the University of KZN and she concluded, "I do not hesitate to recommend the program to all schools."

Shayur Dayanand - pupil at Durban North College

"I just want to thank the developers of Numberwise for creating this application. It has done nothing but good for my school, country and 23 other countries world wide. This application needs to be publicized more as it will do justice to anyone and everyone who uses it. Thank you guys!"

Susanne Lachmann - Bernhard Nordkamp Centre (Katutura, Namibia)

It is now few days that we are using numberwise and I thought, it might be nice to give you some feedback. The only thing I can tell you is: absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This program is fantastic!!! It is really really working. Some kids could no longer sit on their chairs, they had to stand up in order to type in quicker and break their records.. and they have such a fun by calculating, it is really unbelievable :)

Talent Ndawonde

talent ndawonde

Arani Pillay - pupil at Crawford Prep North Coast

"Thanks Mr.Numberwise sooooo much!!! Your program helped me so much!! When I first did the numberwise assessment test I got 8%, now when I do it I get in the 90's!!!! For example today I got 96%!!! Thank you so much!!!"

Nadia Theron - Corner Stone Home School (Swaziland)

It's a very nice program. What is nice, is that they begin at the very lowest level and you can take your time. Thank you very much.

Jan Otto - Otto Family Home Education

My son is enjoying Numberwise very much. He loves the pre-test and time-challenges. He has nearly finished Module 1.

Durban University of Technology, South Africa

Numberwise has been used with astonishing success as a remedial tool in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. Under a project called PACES (Precision, Accuracy, Care, Excellence and Speed), designed to improve the throughput of students, 421 students entering the university were tested using the Numberwise Assessment Test, producing the following results:

The 96% of students who failed the initial Numberwise Assessment Test were required to do the Numberwise Course. On completion of the course all students got 90% or more for the final Numberwise Assessment Test.

Tom McKune (Head of Department - Civil Engineering)

"We recorded an impressive improvement in the numeracy levels of our first year students. What was noticeable was that students seemed more confident with their numerical ability and were definitely less dependent on their calculators."

"What is even more pleasing is that the introduction of Numberwise coincided with an improvement in the pass rate of Mathematics by between 15 - 25%, which has been maintained ever since."

Oliver Rowe (Lecturer - Civil Engineering)

"I have noticed that calculators are being used less and less, which is a definite indication that the students are more trusting in themselves, their confidence is improving and they are also starting to question answers. This is a step in the right direction as they are finally analysing their answers and not just accepting anything."

Koos du Toit - St Paul's College (Namibia)

Just wanted to give you some feedback on Numberwise for the du Toit Boys. I think it is a brilliant tool and believe I can see an improvement in all their maths marks even after only a short time using the programme. I think it is a must for each scholar and you can definitely use us as a reference on the value of the programme.

Carol Dippenaar - Blazing Arrows Christian School

Thanks for your professional and excellent service.

Karien Human - Human Home School

The program is working excellently and is of great value!

Debbie Viglietti - Piccolo Home School (Namibia)

The children are enjoying it!

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