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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!

Roll Of Honour

The "Roll of Honour" is a list of students who have completed the Numberwise Course.

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WorldCountryState (USA Only)School
All Countries
2018-06-249159945 MtshaliPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2018-06-2337607 MtoloPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2018-06-233016906 MdungePrivate, Durban, South Africa100
2018-06-233022521 NcunukelwaPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2018-06-231524753 TshabanePrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2018-06-229050742 DamtewPrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2018-06-229165044 MatyekePrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2018-06-223025479 TshabalalaPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2018-06-229036538 PhakathiPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2018-06-229040907 Du PreezPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2018-06-229163428 TshabalalaPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2018-06-221526059 MthethwaPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2018-06-211506261 MyeniPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2018-06-219052135 PhagoPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2018-06-219151061 NkabindePrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2018-06-2131517 PetrusPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2018-06-219050801 MkhungoPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2018-06-209158147 MapfumoPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2018-06-201524755 MnguniPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2018-06-209059331 ShoziPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2018-06-209060270 ZondiPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2018-06-209159198 NkosiPrivate, Durban, South Africa100
2018-06-203010953 MahlanzePrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-06-201507909 MailaPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2018-06-199051944 SebokolodiPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2018-06-193027034 MkhizePrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2018-06-195002205 DladlaPrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2018-06-199166135 MpondoPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2018-06-183026071 HansenPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2018-06-181526595 DyantyiPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
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