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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!

Roll Of Honour

The "Roll of Honour" is a list of students who have completed the Numberwise Course.

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WorldCountryState (USA Only)School
All Countries
2019-02-209041808 SitholePrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-02-209173593 MoeranePrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-02-209170579 MngadiPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-02-209172729 NyathiPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2019-02-201503592 BeukesPrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-02-209172644 MnisiPrivate, Durban, South Africa100
2019-02-209160814 FumaPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-02-203021658 YaminiPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2019-02-201529003 HathaPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2019-02-203015123 MawongaPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-02-209157342 RamapotokaPrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2019-02-209055214 KhumaloPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2019-02-2025604 NaidooPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-02-209173462 JaliPrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2019-02-209162778 MphahlelePrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-02-203017066 MbamboPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-02-209165806 MotelePrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-02-201520343 ThomasPrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-02-209062904 MsomiPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-02-209161198 AphanePrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2019-02-209173464 SekhosanaPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-02-203025383 MhlambiPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-02-209165877 RamavhalePrivate, Durban, South Africa100
2019-02-209154449 GqibaPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-02-209047810 Van WykPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2019-02-209024769 MazaleniPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-02-209154983 VilakaziPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-02-203021389 ConradiePrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-02-207021915 NdlovuPrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-02-1933218 YoungPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
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