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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!

Roll Of Honour

The "Roll of Honour" is a list of students who have completed the Numberwise Course.

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WorldCountryState (USA Only)School
All Countries
2019-03-209172749 MakhadiPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2019-03-201507439 SibanyoniPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2019-03-209177872 SeptemberPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-03-209045051 MthethwaPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2019-03-209062014 NkwanaPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-03-209178078 MotenePrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-03-203015005 HendricksPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-03-209164584 AdamsPrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2019-03-209154162 MalulekaPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-03-209171288 ThobakgalePrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-03-209162070 SebastianPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2019-03-209172549 WitbooiPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2019-03-209054287 MkhomaziPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-03-209151653 TshokePrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-03-203027365 BopapePrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-03-209156098 Mtsweni Private, Durban, South Africa97
2019-03-209043668 RamoemaPrivate, Durban, South Africa100
2019-03-201521808 ChogaPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2019-03-209010756 BlosePrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2019-03-209163255 NgwenyaPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2019-03-209051311 HamblyPrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2019-03-209153136 NtatePrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2019-03-209172248 DavidsPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2019-03-209165653 NgwenyaPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-03-209161091 ChilizaPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-03-2017654 SibanyoniPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2019-03-199159736 Karran SinghPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2019-03-199178080 BopapePrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-03-199162797 MalulekePrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-03-199175310 AdamsPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
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