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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!

Roll Of Honour

The "Roll of Honour" is a list of students who have completed the Numberwise Course.

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WorldCountryState (USA Only)School
All Countries
2018-12-159162178 MatonsiPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2018-12-151507120 SindanePrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2018-12-159157332 TleanePrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-12-151524376 LehelePrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2018-12-131524987 MahlabaPrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2018-12-139160900 SegolePrivate, Durban, South Africa32000
2018-12-129155930 LesejanePrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-12-123011047 MokotediPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2018-12-129160408 HaoustPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2018-12-121520796 RammalaPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2018-12-127010710 SkhothaPrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2018-12-129032812 BhulaPrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-12-129030318 MalobolaPrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2018-12-123025020 MohotoanePrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2018-12-119168756 Markus Private, Durban, South Africa95
2018-12-111502343 MoremaPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2018-12-119064291 RamesegaPrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-12-111523860 MothogoanePrivate, Durban, South Africa93
2018-12-119169836 GohoPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2018-12-119164328 MotlhabengPrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2018-12-119170119 MohlarePrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-12-109044154 MatjilaPrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2018-12-109004073 KhwelaPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2018-12-099165849 NgwenyaPrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-12-093013449 MatuwePrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-12-099173821 LesoPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2018-12-091505288 RatshisuPrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2018-12-083010417 MabiluPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2018-12-089170079 NzamaPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2018-12-071523938 MamashiePrivate, Durban, South Africa96
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