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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!

Roll Of Honour

The "Roll of Honour" is a list of students who have completed the Numberwise Course.

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WorldCountryState (USA Only)School
All Countries
2019-10-139165501 KekanaPrivate, Durban, South Africa100
2019-10-139165304 MoropaPrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-10-139180676 ChettyPrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2019-10-129181032 MunsamyPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2019-10-127011137 KhumaloPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2019-10-129153661 MaepaPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-10-129180687 HlongwaPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2019-10-129065422 MhlontloPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-10-119176489 MathibeliPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-10-119175771 ZincumePrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2019-10-119176355 RaphelaPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2019-10-119060356 DanielsPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2019-10-119180719 MatlalaPrivate, Durban, South Africa99
2019-10-119180720 NobelaPrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-10-110014915 DevanPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2019-10-119174387 MnisiPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2019-10-109175696 MathlakolaPrivate, Durban, South Africa95
2019-10-101527347 TheunissenPrivate, Durban, South Africa100
2019-10-103018963 SigonyelaPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-10-109179437 KhumaloPrivate, Durban, South Africa97
2019-10-103017956 MabiletsaPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2019-10-101528347 MolefePrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2019-10-109155089 PokotyaPrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2019-10-099172650 PhelembePrivate, Durban, South Africa91
2019-10-099174878 MeyerPrivate, Durban, South Africa94
2019-10-091521966 DingiswayoPrivate, Durban, South Africa92
2019-10-089009934 SatiraPrivate, Durban, South Africa90
2019-10-089176335 MothupiPrivate, Durban, South Africa96
2019-10-089177690 MofokengPrivate, Durban, South Africa98
2019-10-079179562 SechelePrivate, Durban, South Africa94
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