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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!

100 Club

The "100 Club" prize rewards students who use Numberwise regularly.

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WorldCountryState (USA Only)School
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What is the 100 Club? The "100 Club" is a pool of students who have done 100 or more correct calculations in a day.
How do I join the 100 Club? You automatically join the "100 Club" if you do 100 or more correct calculations in a day.
Am I in the club for today?You need to be logged in as a student to see this.
Daily Winner One student is randomly selected from the "100 Club" every day to become a daily winner.
Category of Winners You can become a winner at school, state, country or world level - click on the links above.
Hint: To win a Prize The best chance to win a prize is to do a 100 or more correct calculations every day.
Sponsorship - Numberwise Numberwise will seek sponsored prizes for the categories of state, country and the world.
Sponsorship - School Schools are to fund prizes in the school category. Click here to enter prizes on the website.
Terms & Conditions Click here to read the terms and conditions of this competition.
Daily Prize
Daily PrizeSorry! No prizes available.
SponsorSorry! There are no sponsors.
Who wins the Daily Prize? The daily winner - who is randomly selected from the "100 Club" every day.
Monthly Prize
Monthly PrizeSorry! No prizes available.
SponsorSorry! There are no sponsors.
Who wins the Monthly Prize? The monthly winner - who is randomly selected from all the daily winners during the month.
Monthly Prize Condition The student must complete 500 calculations during the month to receive the monthly prize.
Done 500 calcs this month? You need to be logged in as a student to see this.
Annual Prize
Annual PrizeSorry! No prizes available.
SponsorSorry! There are no sponsors.
Who wins the Annual Prize? The annual winner - who is randomly selected from all the daily winners during the year.
Annual Prize Condition The student must complete 5,000 calculations during the year to receive the annual prize.
Done 5,000 calcs this year? You need to be logged in as a student to see this.
Annual Winner
2017 Zanokuhle Malinga Estcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa
Monthly Winner
March Melindi Randall Private, Hoedspruit, South Africa
Daily Winner
2018-04-22Abby LorimerHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa984
Past Daily Winners
2018-04-21Andrew CroucampHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1789
2018-04-20L MABASODurban University of Technology, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa162
2018-04-19Chloe ReehHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1452
2018-04-18Qiniso NgcoboHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1667
2018-04-17Bayanda GumbiHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa546
2018-04-16Amber-Lynn JonesHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa2131
2018-04-15Ella LorimerHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa14983
2018-04-14Jenna Van ZylNWCS, Johannesburg, South Africa842
2018-04-13Jaco DreyerEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa1904
2018-04-12Jonathan HardmanHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa299
2018-04-11megan groenewaldHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa2078
2018-04-10Jade PatonHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1712
2018-04-09Melindi RandallPrivate, Hoedspruit, South Africa11148
2018-04-083026982 SoyambaPrivate, Durban, South Africa7940
2018-04-07Shane NjaravaniNWCS, Johannesburg, South Africa4641
2018-04-06Shane NjaravaniNWCS, Johannesburg, South Africa4641
2018-04-059163259 BothaPrivate, Durban, South Africa340
2018-04-04Kumui TjiposaOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia2363
2018-04-03Queen NdaraOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia996
2018-04-02Siyajna RamnathReddam House Waterfall Estate, Midrand, South Africa330
2018-03-31Kailey JoubertHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1289
2018-03-30Dalu SibandaReddam House Waterfall Estate, Midrand, South Africa4244
2018-03-29Melindi RandallPrivate, Hoedspruit, South Africa11148
2018-03-28Melindi RandallPrivate, Hoedspruit, South Africa11148
2018-03-27Blessed ChizororoEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa4235
2018-03-26Cameron FreemanHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1785
2018-03-25Areya SomarooPrivate, , South Africa1462
2018-03-241502683 NtsimiPrivate, Durban, South Africa20942
2018-03-23Sethembele CINDICURRO HCA, Hillcrest, South Africa437
2018-03-22Qiniso JiyaneEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa3867
2018-03-213025122 MabonaPrivate, Durban, South Africa33992
2018-03-20Ntombenhle XabaEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa3578
2018-03-19anele dladlaHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa105
2018-03-18Rendal IsacksOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia6708
2018-03-173020983 MabulaPrivate, Durban, South Africa33992
2018-03-16Zenande NxumaloHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa3650
2018-03-15Thandolwethu KhumaloHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1617
2018-03-149030383 FreemanPrivate, Durban, South Africa30492
2018-03-13Sara CLIFTONCURRO HCA, Hillcrest, South Africa464
2018-03-12Noluthando KhumaloEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa2350
2018-03-111520162 MajokweniPrivate, Durban, South Africa3860
2018-03-103023451 CharliePrivate, Durban, South Africa20460
2018-03-09Bonga MaphangaHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa2248
2018-03-08Philasande MotaungHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa3458
2018-03-07Thapelo SondeziHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa249
2018-03-06Khanyesile NoveldSt Dominics College, Welkom, Welkom, South Africa160
2018-03-05Ruben TesselaarHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1602
2018-03-04kiara dobsonHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa164
2018-03-039028413 NdululaPrivate, Durban, South Africa5738
2018-03-02Samuel MullenNWCS, Johannesburg, South Africa423
2018-03-01Wandile GamaHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1939
2018-02-28Jennifer EgolumHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa5412
2018-02-271506205 MemaniPrivate, Durban, South Africa5790
2018-02-26Sanelisiwe ShabalalaEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa6306
2018-02-259028703 TaboPrivate, Durban, South Africa16974
2018-02-243025119 MzinyathiPrivate, Durban, South Africa890
2018-02-23ezekhethelo mbandaHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1212
2018-02-22Lithalamashenge ButheleziHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1487
2018-02-213026044 ThubePrivate, Durban, South Africa5080
2018-02-209047195 TaylorPrivate, Durban, South Africa26592
2018-02-193016395 MagibiselaPrivate, Durban, South Africa4540
2018-02-189154492 MponoPrivate, Durban, South Africa33992
2018-02-17Sune GaribHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1950
2018-02-161525077 ZealandPrivate, Durban, South Africa33802
2018-02-15Sibahle MngadiEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa5050
2018-02-14Taylor CribbinsHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa2091
2018-02-13Robert Van Den BergHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa2676
2018-02-12Hamish McintyreCURRO HCA, Hillcrest, South Africa350
2018-02-113026982 SoyambaPrivate, Durban, South Africa7940
2018-02-103019659 NtsikaPrivate, Durban, South Africa33992
2018-02-09jaskaran gungiahHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1341
2018-02-08Siska ShavukaOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia5737
2018-02-073016942 NginasePrivate, Durban, South Africa4540
2018-02-06Andiswa MadlalaEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa3738
2018-02-05Asande XimbaEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa4562
2018-02-043017851 BomvanaPrivate, Durban, South Africa33992
2018-02-02Sibusisiwe MthembuEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa4027
2018-02-01matthew baverstockHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa149
2018-01-31zibusiso ngobeseHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa1762
2018-01-30Uhonga MaunduOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia1219
2018-01-29Junior MutamboOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia5873
2018-01-28Erin RosewarneNWCS, Johannesburg, South Africa4940
2018-01-273018567 GqebePrivate, Durban, South Africa3980
2018-01-2635311 AndrewsPrivate, Durban, South Africa30492
2018-01-25Kandali AshivudhiOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia4096
2018-01-24Junior MutamboOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia5873
2018-01-23Melindi RandallPrivate, Hoedspruit, South Africa11148
2018-01-22Micah KuhnEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa2851
2018-01-19Amahle SishiEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa6640
2018-01-18Jean-Michel de MarillacPrivate, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa17556
2018-01-17Khethelo DladlaEstcourt Christian Academy, Estcourt, South Africa7132
2018-01-16Keke MokebeSt Dominics College, Welkom, Welkom, South Africa417
2018-01-15Melindi RandallPrivate, Hoedspruit, South Africa11148
2018-01-14Jean-Michel de MarillacPrivate, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa17556
2018-01-139063756 VinjwaPrivate, Durban, South Africa30437
2018-01-12Analidia SerraoSt Dominics College, Welkom, Welkom, South Africa135
2018-01-11Ceilidh FergusonPrivate, Hoedspruit, South Africa1599
2018-01-10Saira AhmedSt Dominics College, Welkom, Welkom, South Africa312
2018-01-09Julianna BlomHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa3266
2018-01-08Elle-Renee TchalieuPrivate, JOHANNESBURG, South Africa970
2018-01-069028413 NdululaPrivate, Durban, South Africa5738
2018-01-053017378 StuurmanPrivate, Durban, South Africa7670
2018-01-04Josh McPhersonNWCS, Johannesburg, South Africa2423
2018-01-03Jenna Van ZylNWCS, Johannesburg, South Africa842
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