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Oscar de Montille of Hillcrest Primary School is the latest daily winner for South Africa! Congratulations!


The "Championship" prize rewards the best Numberwise student.

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What is the Championship? It's a competition to determine the Numberwise Champion at school, state, country or world level.
How do I enter? You are automatically entered if you do a "200 Challenge" during the year.
Annual Winner The winner is the student with the fastest "200 Challenge" during the year.
Category of Winners You can become a winner at school, state, country or world level - click on the links above.
Title Awarded World Numberwise Champion.
Sponsorship - Numberwise Numberwise will seek sponsored prizes for the categories of state, country and the world.
Sponsorship - School Schools are to fund prizes in the school category. Click here to enter prizes on the website.
Terms & Conditions Click here to read the terms and conditions of this competition.
Championship Prize
Annual PrizeSorry! No prizes available.
SponsorSorry! There are no sponsors.
Who wins the prize? The annual winner - the student with the fastest "200 Challenge" in 2017.
Past World Numberwise Champions
2010Brett LagerwallPrivate, Gillitts, South Africa155.12
2011Mongezi BandaDurban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa135.87
2012Mongezi BandaDurban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa130.13
2013Ruwan CoetzeeHatfield Christian School, Pretoria, South Africa144.48
2014Sholly Lawal-SolarinCordwalles Preparatory School, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa142.41
2015Rory MullerGlenwood Christian School, Durban, South Africa152.92
2016Qhawe NtshingilaGlenwood Christian School, Durban, South Africa166.81
Top Contenders For 2017
1Marco PolettiPrivate, Vercelli, Italy164.62
2Manzil Harikaran-GiandevCrawford Prep North Coast, Durban, South Africa169.31
3Oiva AmukushuOpuwo Christian Mission School, Opuwo, Namibia173.54
4Qhawe NtshingilaGlenwood Christian School, Durban, South Africa188.71
5Njabulo LembetheGlenwood Christian School, Durban, South Africa226.51
6tayla hopkinsHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa231.78
7jessica reynoldsHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa237.41
8kanishka sharmaHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa270.62
9Shiven MunisankarGlenwood Christian School, Durban, South Africa290.35
10jenna madeleyHillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest, South Africa295.57
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