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Numberwise Download

To download the Numberwise setup file, please click on the following link:

Numberwise 1.17 - 3MB Download for OS X and Smart Maths


Numberwise is available to download and use!

However, before you can use the program, you need to be a registered Numberwise student. For more information on this, please read:

Quickstart Guide and Manual

Installing Numberwise

Step 1:Double click on the Numberwise setup file.

A setup wizard will appear to guide you through the process.


Step 2:Click "Next".

By default Numberwise will be installed in the folder: C:\Numberwise, but you may change this to one of your choice.

Step 3:Click "Next".

By default a shortcut will be created in the start menu folder called Numberwise, but you may change this to one of your choice.

Step 4:Click "Next".

Tick the checkbox if you wish for the setup wizard to create a desktop icon.

Step 5:Click "Next".

The setup wizard will display your installation choices and allow you to go back if you wish to make any changes.

Step 6:Click "Install".

The setup wizard will install Numberwise.

Step 7:Click "Finished".

The setup is complete and Numberwise is ready to use.

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